Artichoke Lamps

When coming up with your dream house design, the interior decor is one of the most crucial decision one needs to make. There exist many themes one can choose from for the walls, flooring, and ceiling. For a perfect combination, one needs to understand the colors and surfaces that match. One other important decision to make in décor is lighting. There are specific illuminations for every theme that enhance the appearance of the house. Artichoke Lamps are the modern innovation that brings a beautiful ambiance into your living room. visit for more details on this lamp. Their design idea was from the artichoke plant where there is a single light source with overlapping reflective surfaces.

Some of the benefits of the artichoke lamp


The artistic nature of the lamb makes it have a beautiful appearance that cannot be matched by any other lamp. Apart from the lighting, it can act as a form of decoration in the house. This gives an aesthetic charm in the house that is breathtaking. It has a beautiful finishing touch with a dazzling glare that emits uniform, soft and bright light.

artichoke lamp

Even lighting

The overlapping leaves of the artichoke lamp can illuminate light evenly throughout the room. This is unlike the conventional lighting systems that concentrate the light in one direction making other places in the room darker.This remarkable feature of artichoke lamp enriches the room’s appearance.

No shadows

Due to its inner diffuser that ensures even reflection of light from the light source, chances of the lighting fixtures casting shadows are eliminated. This is unlike most common for poorly designed light fixtures. The glare-free light from the lamp allows it to emit light in all directions, 360 degrees.


Despite the fact that the artichoke lamp is expensive due to the large amounts of material being used to manufacture, producers have been able to come up with a replica of the same that has the same features and functionality but is less expensive. This means that people from all works of life can afford the lamp.


Can be modified

The original PH lamp is still considered the best due to its authenticity. However, due to the wide preferences of customers, the lamp is slightly altered to fit the users’ interest. This gives the buyers a wider range of alternatives to choose from depending on their taste. Thus you need not worry if you can’t see a design that is eye-catching to you.