Story Behind The Panton Globe Lamp


Verner Panton, from where the lamp got its name is renowned for his simplicity, functionality, and the creative use of material and color to reflect light. His interest in the integration of light and the environment made his influence endure during the psychedelic period in the 1960s. He went ahead to develop his skills and in 1969 released the designer Verner Panton Globe Lamp which was a reflection of his interest and life.

Story Behind The Panton Globe Lamp

The History

As a young man in school, he tried his best to find a new angle of looking at things, different from other’s perception. Coming up with a new lighting design proved difficult at first given the Danish lighting designs that had dominated at that time. But that was not enough to make him back down. His creative thinking ignited an interest to use reflective materials such as fiberglass, plastic, and glass in accentuating light. Consequently, the Globe Lamp came into being.

Panton Globe Lamp

The Designer Panton Globe Lamp

What is it about designer Panton Globe Lamp that makes it top of its game? As mentioned earlier, the designer of the lamps had the interest of exploring creative reflections of light at heart. The resultant design, of a globe with various reflectors in it is a notable embodiment of his unique style about space. The diffusing light produced from the inner rim has a calming effect on the environment.

Features of the lamp

Looking at the design of the lamp; the globe features a crystal clear acrylic that lets the light emanated reflect naturally. At the center, there are five reflectors made of various materials, suspended by three steel chains, that work together to reflect light in all directions. One of the most discernible features of the lamp is its ability to reflect light during the day, in the plain sunshine, and create a style like no other. This is made possible by the two – bottom and top – reflectors that come in colors red and blue respectively. Visit the 122Design globe lamper website to get more insight on the lamp.

colorful Panton Globe Lamp

The motivation

Color planning is the primary motivation behind the construction of the Panton Globe Lamps. The colors of the spectrum are used effectively to control the character in any space and create a particular mood. 90 years since the birth of Panton, Verpan, the Danish furniture and lamp manufacturers are marking the anniversary in style by launching a new version of the globe lamp. The new design aimed at keeping Verner’s legacy will have a brass finish.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?


Electronic cigarettes/ e-cigarettes/vapes or electronic nicotine delivery systems are battery-powered devices used to deliver nicotine flavored substance to users in the form of vapor and not smoke. Health research gives these vapor devices a higher rating that the traditional tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes can be manufactured in many designs to resemble pens, memory sticks, traditional cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. Currently, there are more than 250 e-cig brands in the market.

How does the electronic cigarette function?

An e-cigarette is usually made up of 3 different covape and cigarette mponents namely:

  • A heating device/ vaporizer
  • Power source(battery)
  • A cartridge which holds the liquid solution/e-liquid that contains the nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals.

Using the e-cigarette is quite easy; puffing activates the battery-powered vaporizer this vaporizes the liquid solution in the cartridge what results is an aerosol which the user inhales. E-cigarette vaping is designed to resemble the act of tobacco smoking; the inhaled vapor is appealingly flavored and produces a feeling just like tobacco smoking.

Contents of the e-liquid

The e-liquid contains a chemical combination of nicotine, flavorings, propylene glycol and propylene glycerin.

Benefits of electronic cigarettes

Lifestyle appeal

The stylish designs that e-cigarettes have make their use more appealing. Vaping which produces an aerosol that is less hazardous to users and the environment gives a lifestyle appeal that traditional cigarettes failed to achieve.

Fewer health hazards

Few health cowoman vapingncerns are associated with using e-cigs and further research on these devices is still on-going. Users say that the vapor produced while inhaling is smooth and it neither irritates the throat nor does it lead to eventual teeth discoloration. Using the vape in public is safer because it poses no threat of passive smoking and keeps the environment safe from smoke pollution.

Appealing vape flavors

The tobacco smoke is very irritable and non- tobacco smokers often wonder how the users put up with this smell. The smoke is made up of heavy components like tar that are usually harmful to the lungs. The e-cig flavors give off an appealing odor. This odor is attractive and has led any non-smokers to try this product just to get a taste of the feeling. Using a vape keeps your breath in check, and you wouldn’t have to chew on some peppermint or brush your teeth regularly just to ward off the awful tobacco smell.

Benefits Of A Good Blog Site


There are millions of blog sites in the world. Different people blog about various categories like health, fitness, diets home improvements and product review among others. There are also many reasons why people blog. According to, most people create blogs to generate income from the many revenue making avenues they offer. Creating an excellent blog that will attract people is not that easy. Those who make to attract high traffic to their blogs reap from it.

Benefits of a good blog

Get more clients to a business

Those who have a business and have linked it with aholding money and coin blog can understand this. A blog that is discussing various topics related to your business creates curiosity among the potential clients. They will then make inquiries to the customer care contact. Such a customer has a higher probability of purchasing the product. Such blog sites need to update information frequently so that it stays active and fresh.

Can help start a new business

Some people have begun blogging out of passion and ended up opening businesses in that niche due to demand pressure. Others create interesting blogs that become a business themselves through marketing and linking. This can see the business kick off in a higher gear than normal since it already has a potential market waiting for the product.

Become an expert in a certain field

Blogging requires giving people factual and truthful information. Therefore, bloggers research on topics they write about. Others are professional in such areas. The more they write, the more they gain experience. At the end of the day, one can have excellent knowledge in a certain area and end up being a consultant. Some people are also required to do various trials and publish the results on their blog. A good example is someone blogging about different food recipes.

Create a network

woman's face and social iconsMost popular blogs get a huge following on social medias, and others can be referred through the same channel. Therefore this is a better way to ensure your network is expanding. Create a blog that has a feedback section as well as social media linking.

Have an online identity

This benefit sounds good, true? Imagine having a known identity all over the globe. A good blog site can take you and your brand this far within a very short time. It is no doubt that millions of people read blogs daily. If you can lock them in your blog site with premium content, then you have your identity. You can always have control of this identity.

Health benefits of CBD oil


Being one of the most abused drugs, marijuana has earned itself quite a bad reputation, especially amongst people with conservative tendencies. Both society and especially religion, see marijuana as evil. The truth is that, due to ignorance and carefreeness, the health benefits of this drug have almost been entirely ignored, leaving only a few to benefits from this medicinal values.

In contemporary times, information access is almost subliminal, and as a result, more people are embracing marijuana as a treatment. CBD oil, a product of cannabis a.k.a marijuana, is a product used for medical purposes. You can visit CBD Oil Benefits Org. for more info. Below we will look at some of the benefits and uses f CBD oil

Benefits and uses of CBD oilwoman holding head

Chronic pain

Chronic pain has been known to torment those suffering from it. There are many causes of chronic pain that we won’t discuss the scope of this article, but something worth noting is that; mainstream medication has been known to fail. Painkillers and sleep pills, in some cases, do not work. This is where CBD oil excels by effectively helping with chronic pain maintenance. Most patients with severe chronic pain do respond well to CBD oil.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

PTSD has been rampant in modern times, especially for soldiers that have experienced the extreme effects of war. PTSD is a very dangerous condition that interferes with a person’s ability to think and make decisions. There are many causes of PTSD, and the most common trigger is anxiety. If a person manages to calm down, it is possible to let an instance of PTSD pass. This is where CBD oil can help. In a nutshell, CBD oil allows the patient to relax and in return, carefully nurse the condition until it is fully under control.

Anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder is a very common condition experienced by many people. I have a lot of medication options, ranging from therapy to pills. A newer and effective option is CBD oil, it enables one to manage their anxiety disorder better as it allows individuals to relax their whole body. This in return lets their anxiety fall to a manageable level, hence the importance of CBD oil.

The above mentioned are some of the health benefits and importance of CBD oil. The article has talked about bow ignorance has affected the marijuana based CBD oil, for its medical value. Therefore make a point of getting informed, and at the end of the day, remember that drug abuse is not recommended.

Cooling Mattress Toppers Review


If you are obsessed with comfort, then you need to buy a cooling mattress topper to make your bed a little heaven on Earth. They assist in the reduction of pressure points and the jagged outline of your mattress.

What are mattress toppers?bed

Mattress toppers have become popular in the recent years. As people search for more comfort, they invent more and more advanced comfort enhancer. They are special pads for mattresses that are designed with some features that add comfort to sleep. Some have cooling features to lower the temperatures. Others will read the body temperatures and regulate the bed to the right one.

One advantage associated with them is the health benefit they have. Some people have spinal code problems that need attention. The cooling toppers help them to regulate the mattress contours and eliminate any chances of health risk.

some of the best cooling mattress topper include:

Extra plush mattress topper

One of the keys features of the topper is that it has a stain resistant cover made from cotton blends and hence the bed will always be fresh. It also has non allergen that protects people from catching allergy. It is easily washable with a machine due to the nature of its fabric.

Lucid Infused and ventilated topper

It is meant to create sufficient air flow to the bed for the best sleeping temperature. The ventilation is so perfectly done for the best comfort in the market. It has material that is mite and allergy resistant for people who have sensitive skin.

Ultra premium Visco elastic

nice bedroomIt is considered as one of the best in the market and offers enough airflow for comfortable nights. It has memory foam layer hence a premium brand. The foam has the capability to reduce the pressure point that can affect your health. It boasts being certified by CertuPUR – US and so it offers assurance to its users that they are safe. For those who values a comfortable bed, consider going for this topper.

Sleep innovation

This topper is known to give a transformation to an old mattress. It has a thick layer that brings back life to the old mattress. It has a removable cover that is washable to provide a fresh night of your dream. It also comes with a high recommendation from doctors for people with back pains.

Cooling mattress toppers are sleep enhancers, and people should not overlook them. They need to be part of our beds throughout. They need good care and replacement whenever necessary.

Tips for keeping your house clean


House cleaning often gets overlooked if you have a busy schedule. However, even if cleaning isn’t your favorite pastime, the results always justify the effort made. A clean home looks beautiful and elegant and is free from allergens and germs. Here are some simple and easy tips for keeping your house clean and healthy. These tips are easy to implement and will make your house feel spotless and super clean every morning.

Tips for keeping your house clean


dolls The house that isn’t full of stuff stays cleaner. If you can’t put the unwanted stuff away, it’s clutter. Walk through an area in your home and find things to get rid of. It can be trash or things that you do not use. Divide them into three groups- junk, charity and undecided, and dispose of this unwanted stuff accordingly.


A well-organized home looks clean and tidy. Get your things organized by designating a specific place for everything. The whole family tends to do better at putting things back where they go. Organization is a slow but valuable process in keeping your home tidy. Incorporate decorative and functional storage boxes or organizers to keep your things handy.

Schedule a deep cleaning

Schedule a day in a week when you plan the deep cleaning process. It is a tedious job and requires a reasonable amount of time to scrub toilets, vacuum the entire house, etc. The depth of cleaning depends on your lifestyle and the number of family members. If you do a thorough cleaning once in a week, you will require minimal effort and time for cleaning on a daily basis.

Clean your kitchen after every meal

kitchen designThe kitchen is the heart of your home where the entire family spends a substantial amount of time. It’s the room that gets dirty the quickest. After every meal, the dishes pile up, and the benchtop gets dirty. Clean the counter-top and dirty dishes after every meal.

Multi-task wisely

Trying to accomplish so many things at one time may leave you with nothing. Therefore, it is important to do multi-task wisely. For example, if you are cleaning your bedroom, stay in your bedroom until it is clean.

10-minute tidy sweep

This is one of the best tips for keeping your house clean. Designate a ten minute period for a tidy clean-up. It could be before dinner or before going to bed. Involve your kids and spouse in this daily cleaning responsibility. This takes some load off your shoulder and keeps everyone aware of their household responsibility.

Tips On How To Choose The Right Electrician


One of the key advantages of buying a new house is the opportunity to personally identify and complete select features to complement your personality. That is, your own personal taste and preferences. Most importantly, safety is the most crucial aspect when having an electrical work in progress especially in new homes. Therefore, it is prudent for you to have a clear understanding and perception of the type of electrical work that needs to be done.

As a first-time homeowner, you may be pegged with the confusion of selecting the right electrician to upgrade your new home. For example, you may be unaware of the right questions to ask the electrician before hiring. Below are some key points on how to choose the right technician for your home.

How to choose the right electrician

License and insurance

handy man,When choosing an electrician to perform an electrical installation or repair/replace your appliances, it is important to take notice of their appropriate state licenses and insurance. You should also make sure that all their certification is up to date and in order with the electrical job in question. By doing this, you will not only be guaranteed a good job, but also have peace of mind during the entire period.

Get a written documentation

That is, you should make sure you have a written invoice highlighting the general electrical work to be done. This includes the time taken to begin and complete the work as well as the necessary materials required. By doing this, you will be able to get different price and work estimates from various electrical companies and individuals. Remember, this move will provide you with a number of options to hire the best contractor.

Obtain references

When hiring an electrician, one of the key things to put into consideration is their professionalism, experience, and skill sets. That is faulty electrical installations in homes are considered to be the leading cause of fire outbreaks. It’s therefore highly advisable to get testimonials from previous clients who have used their services before. Through this, you will be able to build your confidence and trust on his ability to provide the best electrical services in your home.

Timing and project schedule

electrician toolWhen choosing the right electrician for your home, one of the key things you should consider is time. Therefore, it is paramount for a professional electrician to provide you with a clear estimate of the time needed to execute the job at hand. By doing this, your daily activities will not be conflicted in any way.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your electrical components or repair your electrical appliances, choosing the right electrician is paramount. Be sure to use these tips to how to choose the right electrician for your home for guaranteed customer service.