Bath And Shower

Creating the perfect bathing space requires a clearly outlined layout. The layout describes the necessary features for your bathroom with their specific locations. This article describes the key ideas on how to create the ideal bathroom.

Features that should not lack in your washroom

A shower

showerEvery bathroom needs a shower where you can have a quick bath when you don’t need the basin. A shower needs its ample space where you can move about as you bathe. It would be perfect to slot it next to the window to improve ventilation. An alcove shower saves a lot of space and gives room for other features. The toilet rolls or the towel-hanging section need to be far from the shower to stay dry.

A basin

Just like a bed in a bedroom, the basin is an essential item in an ideal bathroom. The basin should be stationed in a spacious area; not near the walls since your elbows will knock the walls as you bathe. A basin should be coupled with a mirror to enhance its functionality. Place the mirror above the basin; the mirror should not be positioned opposite the glass or window to avoid reflections that create distractions in the bathroom.

 A toilet

The toilet is an equally important item in a bathroom. It can be positioned in a corner to leave room for the basin. Fit it in whichever place you like. Getting it next to the window will be better to release odor and create a fresh environment for bathing. Leave a little space beside the toilet for hanging toilet rolls.

A bathtub

This feature will require nearly 25 square feet and thus needs a free space. It can be placed near the wall; far from the toilet, basin or shower. You can adjust your layout for a freestanding tub.

How to create the ideal bathroom with some storage space

bathroomIn the bathroom, you need a place to store your soaps, dry bathing towels, and other items you need before or after bathing such as a shaving paste. It will be necessary to disguise a cupboard and mount some cabinets in your bathing space. These storage items can be placed anywhere; under the basin, next to the bathtub or in the upper spaces. Cupboards with rounded edges will ensure your children’s safety when in the bathroom. Further, increase your storage space with some pull-out towel rails.Incorporating all these features will give you the best solution on How to create the ideal bathroom.