Black Cats in Dreams & What it Means

Almost everyone has dreams from time to time, but there are a few of us who have dreams frequently. Whether it is a nightmare or a good one, we often wonder what they mean and if they are related directly to our lives. One dream that many people do not like too much is to soƱar con gato negro, and they want to know what the dream means.

Black Cats and Dreamsblack cat

Many cultures and societies associate black cats with bad luck and therefore, people believe that seeing these creatures in their dreams as some sort of bad omen. Since many do not know what the appearance of the black cat in a dream means, let us try to shed a little light on the matter.

The Black cat on the Stairs

This is often when you have a fear of bad luck in your lives. Having a black cat quietly watching us can also sometimes mean that you are afraid of making mistakes in something you are doing. It could be a relationship, or an important work project and these manifestations as dreams will be because of the fear you have in the back of your mind.

The Black Cat at your Door

You can have this dream if you are very protective of your family and are afraid of some sort of harm coming to those you love. You will do all it takes to keep your family and home safe.

A Black Cat that Attacks You

witchThe interpretation of this dream is quite clear, and it means that you are experiencing a terrible period in your life which is getting you down. Maybe you feel that you have no way of getting out of the situation, however, what you must do is to face these troubles head on so that you will not get overcome by the problems.

There are so many other times one may see a black cat in their dreams and the reasons may be different.

The History

Black cats have often been associated with witches and the evil and underworld, If they are seen on the street, or they walk in front of people, many feel that some bad luck is coming their way. If you are having dreams on a regular basis, you can contact resources online and explain to them what you have seen. They will be able to give you a clear interpretation of what the dream means.