Story Behind The Panton Globe Lamp

Verner Panton, from where the lamp got its name is renowned for his simplicity, functionality, and the creative use of material and color to reflect light. His interest in the integration of light and the environment made his influence endure during the psychedelic period in the 1960s. He went ahead to develop his skills and in 1969 released the designer Verner Panton Globe Lamp which was a reflection of his interest and life.

Story Behind The Panton Globe Lamp

The History

As a young man in school, he tried his best to find a new angle of looking at things, different from other’s perception. Coming up with a new lighting design proved difficult at first given the Danish lighting designs that had dominated at that time. But that was not enough to make him back down. His creative thinking ignited an interest to use reflective materials such as fiberglass, plastic, and glass in accentuating light. Consequently, the Globe Lamp came into being.

Panton Globe Lamp

The Designer Panton Globe Lamp

What is it about designer Panton Globe Lamp that makes it top of its game? As mentioned earlier, the designer of the lamps had the interest of exploring creative reflections of light at heart. The resultant design, of a globe with various reflectors in it is a notable embodiment of his unique style about space. The diffusing light produced from the inner rim has a calming effect on the environment.

Features of the lamp

Looking at the design of the lamp; the globe features a crystal clear acrylic that lets the light emanated reflect naturally. At the center, there are five reflectors made of various materials, suspended by three steel chains, that work together to reflect light in all directions. One of the most discernible features of the lamp is its ability to reflect light during the day, in the plain sunshine, and create a style like no other. This is made possible by the two – bottom and top – reflectors that come in colors red and blue respectively. Visit the 122Design globe lamper website to get more insight on the lamp.

colorful Panton Globe Lamp

The motivation

Color planning is the primary motivation behind the construction of the Panton Globe Lamps. The colors of the spectrum are used effectively to control the character in any space and create a particular mood. 90 years since the birth of Panton, Verpan, the Danish furniture and lamp manufacturers are marking the anniversary in style by launching a new version of the globe lamp. The new design aimed at keeping Verner’s legacy will have a brass finish.