What Are the Various Eco-Friendly Energy Sources?

Eco-friendly energy sources do not cause pollution to the environment, as is the case with fossil fuels and other sources, which are not environmentally safe. Such sustainable sources are called alternative energy since they are considered as an alternative the traditional fossil fuels like coal and oil. Simply because the source is renewable does not guarantee it is environmentally safe. For example, dams use the energy of moving water, but can also be harmful to wildlife and fish. Also, wind turbines utilize the sun’s energy to give clean electricity but have some environmental impact due to the manufacturing process.

Here are some of the eco-friendly sources of energy:

Wind Power

wind power is an eco-friendly energy sourceWind can also be considered a different form of solar energy since the uneven cooling and heating of the atmosphere lead to winds, also the rotation of the earth, including other topographical factors. The flow of wind can be harnessed using wind turbines, then converted to electricity. On a small scale, windmills are used for pumping water in farms. Wind energy can be used in supplementing electricity since when the wind blows, the power produced by the system will offset the electricity consumption.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is renewable. Its direct use is attained by tapping the sun’s energy. Numerous solar technologies are being used nowadays to convert sunlight and energy into heat which is used in producing electricity, hot water, illumination, and cooling systems of businesses and industries. Therefore architectural designs can take advantage of sunlight to be a source of light for cooling and heating.

Power from Ocean

The two types of energy produced by oceans include thermal energy derived from the sun’s heat and light and mechanical energy sources due to the motion of waves and tides. The ocean thermal energy is converted into electricity using different systems which depend on warm water temperatures. The ocean mechanical energy uses the flows and ebbs of tides caused by the rotation of the earth and the gravitational impact of the moon. Energy from waves is also converted and utilized in reducing electricity costs.

Geothermal Power

This power is generated because of the heat of the earth. The heat can be found near the surface or heated reservoirs or rocks from underground. Geothermal plants can utilize this heat to produce electricity. On a small scale, a geothermal heat pump can utilize the ground’s constant heat to assist in supplying heat to buildings during winter or cooling during summer.